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We apply the training principles of elite athletes to create realistic, achievable programs just for you…

At Grace Brown Fitness, it’s all about you

For athletes training to increase their competitive edge for sport, for fitness enthusiasts wanting to improve their performance and for first timers wanting to start a healthy lifestyle, with your personalised training programme you will achieve your goal.

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Client Stories…

5 Star Testimonial for Grace Brown Fitness - Ashlyn

I can feel my body is stronger and I feel more confident.

I ran my first ever 5km, something I thought impossible and now I look forward to a weekend run. I have also perfected my squat and started to develop stunning quads which I am obsessed with! Feeling positive about my body and what I am capable of is amazing. Grace is so empowering.

Training with Grace is exactly what I have always wanted from a PT - she really makes an effort to educate me, not just tell me what to do, her approach and the tools she provides help me stay focussed and she is really good fun!

I have learned that consistency is important and how to look after myself through food, exercise and rest which has been a game changer. 


5 Star Testimonial for Grace Brown Fitness - Anne North


When I tried Grace’s class, I really noticed her focus on strength and supporting your body to do things that you love. 

I had been unwell for almost 2 years and at my most difficult time I was very underweight, could only walk a few minutes at a time. I have gained so much strength, fitness and knowledge! Grace supported me to start running again - I have now progressed to being able to run 10km in 50 minutes!!

Grace is an absolute professional, a wealth of knowledge and is so supportive! Working with Grace has helped me to change my life and get back to full fitness!


5 Star Testimonial for Grace Brown Fitness - Claire

I joined the Strong Club 3 month programme with unlimited classes but more importantly a monthly check-in to give me advice on exercise and nutrition.

Grace taught me new habits: not drinking during the week, moving more, eating more protein and less fat, all very easy to implement into my daily life. I deliberately call it a partnership as Grace is as invested in her clients’ health and fitness as they are, sometimes even more so!

Fast forward to today, I’m now 73kg. It’s rare for me to walk less than 20k steps a day (I’m normally above 25k). I am unrecognizable from my former self.


5 Star Testimonial for Grace Brown Fitness - Helena

I've been working with Grace on improving running pace too since January and have managed to set PBs for 5k and 10kI've never ever been able to get anywhere with my running pace before this so it's amazing seeing the impact of Grace's plans on my fitness and speed. 

I love working with Grace because she also runs, plays tag and is into strength training and I really wanted someone who understood what I needed in terms of my training. I've found it's made such a difference having direction and consistency with it. 

Grace keeps me focused and changes things up if I get bored or lose motivation, which is great. I’m so glad I made the decision to let Grace make my decisions, it's been fantastic, I feel great, and strong and fast and sexy as hell.


5 Star Testimonial for Grace Brown Fitness - Nick

Since working with Grace in the last 9 months I've been injury free despite an intense sporting calendar, she has helped to significantly improve my strength and mobility and instilled good warm up habits.

Grace has easy to follow online strength and mobility programming personalised to help achieve your specific goals. It is especially good for people like me who don't have an extensive prior knowledge of strength/mobility exercises and technique since it removes one barrier which might otherwise be enough to stop me working out.


5 Star Testimonial for Grace Brown Fitness - Will

Working with Grace has been great - I really enjoyed that she was happy to find an approach that worked for me

It lets me fit and adapt to my schedule, but I know Grace is constantly checking-in and monitoring my progress, which feels great!

Grace was someone with specific touch rugby related experience to help me get back to playing competitive rugby as quickly as possible! I couldn't reccommend her highly enough!


5 Star Testimonial for Grace Brown Fitness - Ramya

I started training with Grace 18 months ago having had some experience with weight training but lacking structure of my workouts and not gaining any more strength. By listening to my goals, Grace was able to tailor the perfect programme to suit me!

Training with her got me hitting PBs while also massively improving my core strength. I no longer use my lifting belt but am lifting more! She's taught me the importance of focussing time on mobility and injury prevention.


5 Star Testimonial for Grace Brown Fitness - Louisa

Grace's easy-to-follow training plans take in to account your overall fitness goals. She is always available to offer support and advice, and structures the programme around you. I really enjoy our in-person sessions at her private studio!

Since training with Grace I have taken over 2 minutes off my 5K PB time - I never thought I would run a 22 minute 5K, let alone break 47 minutes for a 10K. I am also on a mission to improve my chin ups, which I hated at first but now find oddly satisfying! I can't thank Grace enough for what she has accomplished with my training!


Grace Brown Fitness London

Training with Grace has had such a positive impact on so many aspects of my life.

Working with someone so passionate and experienced has elevated my training, helped me rediscover running and provided consistency and motivation in the strangest of years. All of this has not only had a positive impact on my fitness and sports but also on my general wellbeing and mental health which has been amazing.

In the middle of this I unfortunately suffered an ACL injury and Grace has been so amazing in providing the best support and coaching in how we can build and recover from this injury and be ready to take on surgery and be able to return to sport in the future.

Friendly, positive, motivating and she's able to push you to limits you never thought possible. Grace has also been so fantastic and adapted all of my training when lock-downs hit, work gets crazy or an injury disrupts everything - she moves with you and makes everything tailored to your needs and goals.


Grace Brown Fitness London

I really love training with Grace. Two months in I feel stronger and more stable on my ankles which was our primary goal. She has also made losing weight really accessible and in a way that I feel will be maintainable long term. The best way to describe how training has impacted me is probably that I played tag last night and I felt stronger, faster, more mobile and much fitter.

I have recommended the service already. I describe Grace as attentive and practical. I love how she tailors the programme to my individual needs and my lifestyle. 


Grace Brown Fitness London

Grace has provided me with the structure and accountability to get into a regular training routine. Grace has provided me with a balanced programme of gym work and sessions to do at home that are achievable and she adapts them around my work and social plans. I now focus on fitness, strength and injury prevention as a holistic, balanced and manageable exercise routine. This means I have maintained motivation and seen progressive results that translate to my on field sport and holiday bikini pics!

Grace provides a personalised service, the regular check in calls are really helpful to keep motivated, if you have any questions/requests about any element of your training in between the calls she always responds via the chat on the app. 

Grace is super easy to work with, she is friendly, positive and motivating. 


One to One Personal Training

  • Personal Training with Grace (London private studio or via Zoom)
  • Monthly check in calls to stay accountable
  • Regular progress assessments and nutrition support
  • Optional extra: remote PT sessions or in-person training

Online Personal Programming

  • Personalised training programs
  • Weekly written check-in and monthly check-in calls
  • Cost effective and time efficient personal training
  • Optional extra: in-person training


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