Why be a personal trainer?

It's all about creating positive change

Surprisingly, it's not all about strutting around at the gym and posing for insta-selfies. So let's get that straight right now.

It also doesn't mean that you're spending the whole day working out. 

I still have to schedule time for my own workouts in between training clients, writing programs, business admin,  marketing, future focused work and life in general.

Health and fitness has become a topic that we can't escape from through plentiful media coverage and an abundance of people talking about it in our social media feeds. 

People often start out in the industry because they like fitness, they like going to the gym. 

Then they realise that there is so much more to it than that. 

I didn’t have any role models in the industry when I was first starting out and there wasn’t much in the way of business training back then. I just sort of had to work it all out as you went along. But I learned many hard lessons very quickly.

You could be the best PT in the world, but without a bit of business intelligence they'll find the life very hard indeed. 


What's the best part?

Coaching means that you get the chance to influence someone in a very positive way. This is a very special thing and one I don't take for granted. 

One of the most satisfying parts of this work is when you see the positive change happening right in front of you. When they manage to shift their mindset. 

This is when someone comes in for a quick fix weight loss program and ends up staying for years because they get so much more out of training - more energy, a more positive outlook, happiness. 

Seeing a client bounce out of the gym after a session with a huge smile on their face because of what they achieved is absolutely priceless.


Be a people person

If you don't like working with people, find another job. This is ALL about people. 

One of the nicest compliments I have ever received was from a client (who is extremely successful in their business and exceptionally connected) said that she had never met so many great and influential people as she did through me. 

As trainers and coaches, we have the chance to spend time with people and really get to know them. This is in itself a huge reward. You end up building an entire community around you.


It's a trap!

The industry has its pitfalls. It can suck you in. 

As a client, you want to make sure you are working with someone who values knowledge and substance over followers and glamour.

I see so many examples of people not really caring enough for their clients. 

The industry, with all those hard bodies, can be superficial but the reality is that you are dealing with people’s health and they are trusting you, putting themselves in a vulnerable position. 

As a trainer, you have a huge responsibility, a duty of care for your clients. This can't be taken lightly.

Trainers need to manage expectations, learn about your client, help them work out what is possible for them and get them there in a sustainable, realistic way. 

It’s not fair to promise that someone will look like a trainer does who has been in the gym for 20 years compared to someone who has an office job and hasn’t trained for years.  And we're bombarded with enough unrealistic expectations on the newsstand and on our phones.

Those who can be consistent for the longest, create realistic plans and keep learning have the best chance of getting to where they want to go. 


The best part

A good day at work for me is seeing the internal power that radiates out from a client when they achieve that first chin up. 

A great day is when they realise that all that hard work and consistent effort means so much more than a dress size or two.

It gives you confidence, growth, internal and external strength. A body and mind that is better equipped to face the world.  

What could be better than that?

Grace xx

See you at the gym!