Where Strong Friends go to eat in London

Strong Food

Over the last few months I was lucky enough to speak to some very interesting people in the Strong Friends interview series and we've heard some pretty incredible stories. But there was one thing that I am always excited to ask them: Where do they like to eat in London.

I'm pretty sure my second full time job is going out to eat so I somewhat selfishly asked every one of them to reveal their favourite spots. Here's what they said.


Asha Hibbert

Asha Hibbert

First Strong Friend, PT, Yoga teacher, Holistic Health Guru

"This is a tough one as there are just so many places but the one that springs to mind right now is Shot, just off Fleet Street. They serve up delicious healthy meals at affordable prices with many vegetarian, vegan and allergen-free options too. They really have thought of everything."

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Paddy Wright

Entrepreneur, PT, Reformed Banker

"Ozone at Old St - easily."


Ben Gotting 

Former Professional Rugby Player, PT, Gym Owner

"Loving Boondocks at the moment in Old Street - they have a burger challenge there which is pretty savage."


James Crossley

Coach, Gym Owner, Professional Strong Man, Former Gladiator

"I love Shochu Lounge Charlotte Street for Japanese , Roxie in Fulham for steak and Lupo Bros in Earlsfield for brunch."


Gabriela Hayward

Retail Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher

"That's a hard one! Lots of different places. I love being local in Peckham, maybe my best place to eat in Peckham is Persopolis - delicious Iranian & Mediterranean food cafe."