Video Demo: Posterior Chain Exercises

Good posture needs an active posterior chain

Poor posterior chain... so often overlooked and underused. The quads get all the fun. Not anymore! Check out my top exercises to get that posterior chain functioning.

Humans are generally more quad dominant since we walk upright. We tend to use the anterior (front) muscle groups, like quads and abs, too much and our posterior not enough. This results in long muscles at the back and short muscles at the front, creating bad posture and a host of additional issues. 

Building the posterior chain helps you avoid injuries, helps your posture, balance and your power. Say it with me: "Stability, mobility and balance"!

Who needs to do these exercises?

EVERYONE. Posterior chain weakness is very common. Even experienced athletes can be weak in this area. Men typically have more trouble with mobility in this area than women.

There are tons of exercises, here are a couple covering various parts of the chain that form a good foundation.


1. Bridges

Great for beginners to help them activate their glutes and get awareness around the glutes. This is often something that people find really hard. You need to learn what it feels like to actually engage the glutes so that you can do it at will.

Remember to engage glutes. If your quads are tired you’re not doing it right. The lift should be mostly from the glutes

Levelling up: Feet flat on the floor then onto the heels then toes then single legs elevated or not.



2. Hip thrusts

Sink the hips down to the floor, squeeze the glutes to life up and make sure you are pushing through your heels on the floor. 

Levelling up: Normal and Single leg


3. Hamstring Curls

Either using the machine or the ball, depending on what you have available to you. Most gyms will have swiss balls.

This move is more about movement with our knees rather than your hips.

With the ball: Lie on the floor and dig your elbows right into the ground. Lift your hips and squeeze your glutes. Then roll the ball towards your bum with your feet and then extend the legs again.



4. Romanian Deadlifts

A great lengthening movement and quite advanced. 

The movement is all about hinging at the hips, sending your hips backwards. Slide the bar down the front of your legs and keep your knees soft. Ground yourself through your heels.

Squeeze the glutes especially from the bottom of the movement to the top with an extra squeeze at the top.

Slow movement down and then power back up.



5. Good mornings

This is a back extension with a hip hinge, quite a technical movement.

tip/instructions: Wider stance and slightly turn your toes out to give you a deeper stretch through your adductors.

Have a wider grip, spreading your hands along the bar. Send you hips back and keep your knees soft. 



Check out the full video below: