Traveller's Diary: Malaysia and the Philippines

Digital Detox FTW

Travelling is life, and over Christmas and New Year I like to go somewhere hot with plenty of water.

This time I headed off to Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.

The first stop was Malaysia where I visited a friend of mine. I was able to see her in her element, running a restaurant, and do plenty of exploring. We ate like queens, did lots of relaxing and catching up, with some bonus dog rescue thrown in for good measure.

The next stop was the Philippines, on my solo mission to reconnect with myself and take in all the beauty the world has to offer. 

It was awesome.

I took a trip with TAO Philippines from Coron to El Nido.

There were no bells and whistles. Everything was simple and close to nature.  

We ate what was caught or sourced which meant lots of fish and sometimes only rice and veggies.

The first few days we spent at a beach camp called Ngey Ngey to experience the island life. We were swimming, snorkelling, Kayaking and being outdoors in the sunshine by the water - what could be better. 

Although there was plenty of opportunity to chill and relax, I ran around doing every possible activity - so typical.

Next was a boat trip for five days, island hopping, where we traded fish, found beautiful spots to swim and snorkel and take it all in. 

There was no internet and hardly any electricity which was a massive digital detox. It was the longest time I've been offline ever since we started having computers in our pockets. 

The experience was so interesting to me as I was never bored and yet I didn't feel the need to read or get my phone out. Often I was just content to stare into the distance and contemplate it all.

The trip was very necessary. It helped me refocus, reflect on last year and prepare myself for the year to come. 

I felt truly rejuvenated.

After a quick stop in Singapore, it was time to head back to wintery London and sink my teeth into the year ahead.