Tip of the Week: Good quality sleep

Don't scrimp on sleep

It seems like the easiest way to cram more hours into your day, right? Just sleep a little less? Don't be fooled! 

It has been said that six hours of sleep is like drinking a six pack of beer (without the fun part).  You wouldn't go to work after sinking six beers so why put yourself through the pain of working on six hours of sleep?

A lack of good quality sleep has a knock on affect to everything else. Everything feels harder. Your ability to makes decisions is impaired which can lead to bad decisions around food and lots more. You have no energy. You feel foggy. 

Get all the tips on how to give yourself the best possible chance for good sleep in my previous article on the subject.

Quick recap:

  1. Create a routine and stick to it

  2. Early to bed means more physical and emotional healing sleep

  3. No screens before bed (seriously)

  4. Make winding down a priority to calm the system

  5. Darkness and quiet are essential

Grace xx