Tendinopathy: A World Cup Timeline

I’m not done talking about the World Cup yet! You work towards something for 4 years, it has an effect on you.

More reflection has found me in a state of shock that I was able to get my hamstrings ready to compete after my tendinopathy diagnosis. With the help of my physio, my coach and a grim determination, I was able to push through my impatience to get healthy.

Below timelines my emotional rollercoaster in the lead up to the competition.

If you would like more information on how I rehabbed this injury, check out my previous article.

Hilariously, I was one of the few who did not need physio attention at the World Cup!

World Cup Trials

March 18th

Painful hamstrings

Second Round World Cup Trials

April 8th

Initial Squad Selection

April 10th

Squad Orientation

April 15th

Niggles. Pushing through the pain - do not do this! Training and playing hard with pain.

London Origin Tournament

May 19th

3 matches on hard ground. Lots of pain.

Pig and Porter Tournament in Ireland

July 7th

Played with club team and won! Feeling better and thought I was on the mend.

Final GB Team Selection

July 9th

I made the team!

TAG League Night

July 12th

Could not run at all. Tried all the warm ups and nothing helped. Alarm bells! Should have had these much earlier!

First Physio Visit

July 17th

Tendinopathy diagnosis. Heartbreak.

Team GB Training Camp in Kent

September 1st

Participated in the camp but was not able to play.

Training Light

Carefully following the prescription from my physio and working closely with my Coach, Andy. Forcing myself to go slow and steady and not overdo it. Frustration.

British and Irish Cup in Dublin

September 8th

Played first match in two months against Ireland (our nemesis!). Not yet 100% but better. Managed to play 4 of 6 matches.

Building Up

Loading sensiby, doing my best not to push too hard.

Feeling Good

September 30th

Finally getting a sense that I may be able to compete properly.


Sensible, patient, sensible, patient. Saving my heavy loading for matches and training with Team GB. Gym training regimen like nothing I have ever done before.

World Cup 2018

October 26th

We head off to Australia and my hamstrings are finally coming good. Just in the knick of time.

World Cup Training Camp

October 28th - 31st

World Cup Competition

November 1st - 4th

No pain or restriction while playing. Thanks to my preparation and the help of my physio and coach, my body was so well prepared that that I did not get on the physio bed even once.
Bronze medal!!!!