Strong Friend Rahil Malik: Making healthy food accessible and delicious

A shot of deliciousness

I met Rahil when he just opened in 2016 after a client of mine mentioned it to me during a session.

It was great to have a spot to go to for lunch and snacks that I really trusted to provide nutritious, sustainable and balanced food and another option to recommend to clients after they train.

Rahil and I had a mutual appreciation for well sourced food and a similar food philosophy. Rather than having "healthy options", everything from Shot is great and supporting a local business is always a bonus.

Do yourself and favour and check out my favourite bone broth (and possibly a protein ball).

Grace xx

What’s the story behind starting out in your business?

Shot cafe in Bride Lane - a favourite spot for Grace

We launched SHOT last year on Bride Lane, just off Fleet Street. Put simply, the idea was to raise the bar in the local fast-casual food market, both in terms of taste and health.

We aim to make restaurant quality food in fast food time, with no compromise on health & nutrition and full transparency. We want to build a brand that people trust to deliver clean, nutritious and delicious food & drink, the healthiest cooking processes, the highest quality ingredients and a sound philosophy on health & wellbeing. Healthy eating has become overly fussy, restrictive and confusing; we want to do our small part to rebalance that! 

Our health credentials are unmatched, and this elicits great trust from our customers. At a time when people are asking more questions about the food they consume, and demanding higher nutritional standards, this is the key to the success of our brand.

Our 10 Promises lay out the roadmap to a healthier diet and we go to extreme lengths to ensure that we never compromise these rules. There are no fads, no scientifically tenuous diets, no cheats. Instead, we build on fundamental nutritional pillars which won’t sway with fashion: zero chemicals; no refined sugars; unprocessed, nutrient-dense ingredients; organic for ingredients susceptible to pesticide absorption; free-range & grass-fed proteins; clean cooking methods. No rival brand comes close to matching these promises. 

What do you like most about working in this industry?

Clean lines and high nutritional value at Shot

I love the customer interaction. As you can imagine, we get an incredible array of personalities coming through SHOT every single day, and I’ve managed to get to know a lot of them pretty well over the last 18 months.

In particular, it's always interesting to hear people’s perspectives on health and nutrition, which is obviously something which I have a huge interest in!


Tell me about your favourite Success Story at work?

Rather than a specific story, I think it’s the fact that so many people have bought in to what we’re trying to do in a very short period of time.

Most of our regular customers come in every day, and many of them multiple times per day!

It’s incredibly fulfilling, and humbling, that they continually choose us. 


What are some of the challenges you've faced?

There’s a new challenge pretty much every day! Trying to establish a business is incredibly hard and unpredictable.

We just do our best to stay cool when the challenges arise and work hard to find solutions. 

Tell me about your sports and fitness background?

In the past I lifted weights 5-6x per week without fail. I did this whilst working long hours in an intense job, and with a very active social life.

Rahil training it up

But the pressures of age and setting up a new business mean that simply isn’t realistic anymore!

Now I’m working out 4x per week at the most, and making a conscious effort to not push myself to the brink in each workout.

By training within myself, I feel like I can better balance my life and hopefully train consistently for a long time to come without injuries or burnout. 


Any advice to people wanting to start their fitness journey?

What you eat is at least as important as what you lift.

How you lift (i.e. form) is more important than how much you lift. And consistency is key.


Where’s your favourite place to eat in London?

SHOT, where else?!


Where can people find you online?


Instagram: @webeshot