Strong Friend Kate Mullaly: Rugby League Player and Advocate

In a league of her own

Kate post ACL reconstruction srugery with Grace in 2013 | Grace Brown Fitness London

Kate post ACL reconstruction srugery with Grace in 2013 | Grace Brown Fitness London

Meet Kate Mullaly, a Rugby League player, advocate of the game and superhuman levels of grit and resilience.

Kate and I met in 2013 while I was working for the Aussie 7s and she was in the squad. She underwent an ACL reconstruction while I was there - an injury that deters even the strongest competitors. Since then, she has switched codes and moved to the top of her class on all counts. 

Enjoy her story and never forget that there is always a way to bounce back!

Grace xx


Hi Kate! Describe what you do for our readers

Career wise, I work for the NRL (National Rugby League) as a Game Development Officer.

Kate Mullaly in full flight for the Cronullar Sharks | Grace Brown Fitness London

In terms of sport, I played sport from a young age starting off with sports like netball and softball then I moved into athletics, touch football and Oztag and in my early 20s started playing Rugby league and Rugby 7s.

At the moment, I play Rugby League for Cronulla Caringbah Sharks, League Tag for Milton Ulladulla Bulldogs and Oztag (World Cup end of the year for AUS).


What was the journey that got you here

I think my Rugby League (main sport) journey started and stemmed from when I used to go down to "Shark park" (Cronulla Sharks home ground - old name for the ground) and watch the game with my dad and his brothers, so I always had a love and a good knowledge of the game. I started to play Oztag and touch from about 11 years old and it was friends I met along the way that I ended up playing my first game of league with for the Helensburgh Tigers.

What’s great and what is difficult about what you do?

Great is just playing and being a part of Rugby League, not only the physical side but also the mates I have through Rugby League and my other sports and truly people I will be mates with forever.

Difficult side would be getting the right balance - working for the NRL and playing plus training 2x a week plus watching on TV sometimes gets a bit much mentally. But all it takes is a weekend off here and there and I love it again.

Kate Mullaly kitted up | Grace Brown Fitness London

Also, physically, Rugby League is so brutal, and now playing league tag as well, it takes its toll on my body. I've started to ensure I take care of my recovery properly to make sure I'm recovered as best I can to keep up my weekly field and gym training. I've started working with Rapid Muscle Recovery Systems which has helped a lot. 

What is the one thing that you wish people knew about rugby league?

It's a game for everyone, boys, girls, all ages, all races and all abilities, in all different ways. Whether it be as a player, coach, trainer, manager, referee, volunteer or supporter.

The job I do as a game development officer encompasses working with all levels/types of people involved in the game and it's opened my eyes up to all he different ways people can be involved.


What does your personal exercise routine look like?

At the moment, I am doing 2-3 gym sessions, 2 field sessions (footy training), playing a game of Rugby League one day of the weekend and the other day playing league tag.


Where can people find you online?

Instagram @katemullaly - still private though!