Strong Friend Gus Martin: The guts to tell it like it is

Fighting for your right to health

I'm looking forward to all of you meeting Gus.

He and I both run our businesses out of the same studio. It took a little while to crack this particular nut but it was worth it. He is an intense, reflective human.  

Although we are very different trainers, we both focus on a holistic approach. Gus is also a qualified nutrition therapist and specialises in gut health which I find fascinating.

In October I went on a retreat that he ran with his partner, Felicity as part of the Life Project Adventures (check out the write up and pics in this article).

Gus has a unique, no-nonsense style (which you will realise quite quickly as you dive into his story below). He sticks to what he believes in and is a very passionate trainer who loves helping people.

His military background shows through in the structure and drive with which he approaches  his training and his life.

I'll be starting a new series on nutrition in the new year and you may be hearing more from Gus as he lays down some knowledge for us.

If you have any questions or topics around the subject of nutrition that you would like to suggest, please let me know! We want to make it all as relevant as possible and we will incorporate them into our discussions.

Grace xx

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Tell me about yourself 

tyre pic.JPG

Born in bonnie Dundee, 1979
Joined the marines in 2001, Left in 2010
Became a PT 2010- to present day (FF-various studios)
Studied (at ION) to become an Nutritional Therapist between 2011-2015

Have become obsessed with functional medicine and lifestyle therapy (sleep, exercise, activity, stress management, outside time etc) as the cure to any chronic disease.


Tell me about your business 

I run my PT business as my bread and butter

Have a small nutritional practice out of a clinic in Holborn and online working with clients suffering with chronic disease and sub optimal conditions- IBS, diabetes, IBD, cancer, auto-immune conditions

Run a retreat company with Flic- the Life Project Adventures

What’s the story behind starting your business?

I need to make a difference and help the world realise it is imploding with perfectly preventable problems


What do you like most about working in this industry?

Making a difference. Seeing that moment when people really get what I am trying to help them with and then take ownership of this.


Tell me about your favourite Success Story at work

Probably the retreats Felicity and I have set up in Ibiza.  We knew there has to be a better way to get our message across and subsequently affecting peoples life in a positive manner.  We came up with an outline and set about to get this venture off the ground.  

So far we have run two and have 3 more booked.  

The affect we have had on people is evident to see. The majority who attended have all reported that the experience or experiences they had has had a significant impact on their life for the good.

That is the most rewarding feeling in the world and one i know i was put here to invoke in people.


What has been your most difficult challenge?

I am dyslexic. This combined with being a little lazy really held me back from doing well at school.

Afghan pic.jpg

It was only after joining the Marines and going to places like Afghanistan that I realised that being successful is not about being clever, but about putting in the hard work under the guidance of someone who has experience and your best interest at heart. These experiences led me to move to London, become a PT and believe in my ability to study for 4 years to become an NT.  

I now consider exercising my brain as important as exercising my body.  I have become a bit of a nerd on everything nutrition, physiology/biochemistry and behaviours orientated.


Who’s your inspiration in the industry?

Chris Kresser.  Incredible success story and incredibly humble.


What does your own training look like?

Currently prepping for the indoor rowing championships, but I normally combine a mixture of weight training, weight lifting and anaerobic conditioning.


Tell me about your sports and fitness background?

weightlifting pic.jpg

Team sport oriented as a kid- football, rugby, cricket
Played all the racket sports in the summer
Got into training properly in the marines and then made the decision to become a PTI- loved it!
love weightlifting and ski touring now
Can’t imagine life without exercise 


What is your advice to people wanting to start their fitness journey?

coach pic.JPG

Start with Pilates. It teaches you inner control. Then learn all the movement patterns (squat, hip hinge etc).

After this you will be balanced and get the results we all crave (with hard work of course).

Exercise is so much more fun when you are good at it.


What's your quote to live by?

Hard choices, easy life - Jerzy Gregoreck


Where’s your favourite place to eat in London?

The Hawksmoor

Find Gus online:

Facebook: GusMartinPT

Instagram: @gusmartinpt

Twitter: @gusmartinpt