Strong Friend Gabriela Hayward: From "Live to Work" to "Work to Live"


I met Gabi in 2012 when I worked with her partner in a private gym in Farringdon - she would come in and train. Gabi has been training with me for frequently since her second pregnancy.

She is incredibly inspirational.

Not only is she super strong and lean and crushes it in the gym but once she decides to do something, nothing can stop her. 

She has built her yoga teaching and activewear businesses (which she built from scratch) around her life and not the other way around. She prioritises family and still manages to achieve at the highest level.

We are quite like-minded people, believing in a holistic approach to life, and she has been an important inspiration for me in terms of not being afraid to give even the biggest dreams a chance. 

As you will see, she is also very humble and plays down her achievements to a barely audible whisper. 

Have a read of her story and take a look at her businesses online in the links below. Those yoga pants...!

Grace xx


Tell me about yourself

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I work as Yoga teacher, teaching private and corporate classes around Central London and Peckham. I also run an online activewear brand called Moov wear.

I was planning to have a family and I used to work in a office full time where I couldn't see myself raising a family and having that lifestyle.

I had been practicing Yoga for a couple of years already and I loved it so I thought to train as a Yoga teacher so I could combine a balanced work and family lifestyle.

Tell me about your fitness background

When I have time I train with Grace at her gym or I do various different forms of movement practice either at home or in the park or playgrounds with my children.

I like to train outdoors, to be in contact with the ground and nature.

I love to have a "gymfriend" to train with. For me, it is more about the company rather than the place.

I love being a generalist and experiment lots of different movement practices.

As a child I used to do lots of different sports in school but it was swimming and volleyball I sticked for several years. My partner is a strength coach so I was dragged to do some strength conditioning with him.


I also did Brazilian Ju Jitsu and CrossFit for couple of years.

When I was at university, I found Yoga. I fell in love with the practice and lifestyle.

What’s your favorite Client Success Story?

I don't have one particular client story, but I teach Yoga at various different offices in the city and I found that there are a shocking number of people who after years of sitting at a desk cannot sit on or get up from the floor, pain free.

It is amazing to see that, with practice, my students can regain these basic abilities and to hear that it enables them to live more freely, comfortably and happily!

I think it’s a basic human need - being able to sit on the floor comfortably - so for me that's a great success!

I love seeing the transformation in people’s lifestyle, personality, body and mind.

What is your advice to people wanting to start their yoga journey?

Choose the right type of yoga for your body and abilities.



Where’s your favorite place to eat in London?

That’s a hard one! Lots of different places.

I love being local in Peckham. Maybe my favourite place to eat in Peckham is Persopolis - a delicious Iranian & Mediterranean cafe.

What is your favourite mantra?

Move it or Lose it by Ido Portal

Where can people find you online?

Website: &
Twitter: @moovwear
Instagram: @moovyoga & @moovwear
Facebook: Moov Wear
Linkedin: Gabriela Moov Yoga