So you've set your goals, but do you know what your purpose is?

Finding your true purpose | Strong Words | Grace Brown Fitness London | Photo by  Allie Smith  on  Unsplash

Goal setting is so important, particularly when it comes to your fitness activities.

In order to set goals you need to understand what you want and why. The best goals, the ones that make you feel great when you achieve them, are born out of true purpose and true motivation.

But clients often come in with a goal to lose XXkg, and when I ask them why, it can leave them a little uncomfortable.

Are you being really honest with yourself here? What happens if and when you lose the kgs? Do you think you will get that feel-good sensation or might it be a little empty and lacking in meaning?

I define the purpose, the meaning, the inner motivation as the reason or the value that you want to derive. Your goal should be the point that means you’ve achieved it or a marker on the way to that achievement. When you think about it like that, is your purpose really to be skinnier?

The “side effects” of regular and consistent training, sleeping properly, eating well can be much more gratifying than simply losing weight. Confidence! Inner and outer strength! Resilience!

Sometimes what you think is your purpose is more a symptom of something deeper. Sometimes it’s a thing that you think you should be, that doesn’t actually matter. Are you doing this for yourself or for others?

It can be hard to define what the purpose. It might look like an easy question but it could take months, even years to get to the point of understanding your underlying motivations, of being able to admit it to yourself.

My purpose of wanting to help many people be their healthiest, happiest selves took me years to work out. It wasn’t “to be a personal trainer”, it wasn’t “to do a job where I could work out”, it wasn’t “I want to be insta famous”. None of that is really motivating to me. What does motivate me is when I see my clients stand taller, smile more and attack life with gusto as a result of the new outer and inner strength they get from feeling strong and resilient.

It’s hard to dig deep. It’s hard to find that inner honesty. It is all confused by what we are bombarded with every day.

Sometimes it takes getting a bit older and feeling less influenced by others. Sometimes realising your real purpose means having to make scary changes, doing things differently to what you are used to.

There’s no trick to help you find that purpose. It’s about reflection. It’s about asking yourself the “why” of things. Sometimes going through the goal setting process can help you get there, sometimes it’s a “shower moment” that suddenly dawns on you.

I want people to come away from a goal setting session, at the very least, asking themselves this question of why and starting to provoke that thought. It’s ok if you don’t have the answer right away.

Once you have found your purpose or your true motivation, are your goals still appropriate? Are there goals better suited to your real purpose? Is there a performance goal that you can strive for? This is when the magic happens.

Have you found your true purpose and motivation yet? If you haven’t asked yourself this question before, give yourself the time to consider it.