R.O.C.K Principles: Consistency for making good habits

Consistently Awesome

So by now we are all wised up on setting realistic goals, being realistic with yourself and how being organised can help stop you from making bad decisions.

Let's add the third layer to our R.O.C.K Principles: Consistency. 

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It won't come as a surprise to hear that the more consistent you are, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. 

The R.O.C.K philosophy is all about small changes in your life to achieve a healthy, balanced, new normal. What we want is to get to a point where you no longer need to mentally "opt in" to exercise, balanced food choices and making time for yourself. We want to get to a point where these things happen sort of automatically. Where they become a habit.

Consistency is essential to this process. The longer you are consistent with an activity the more likely it is for it to become a habit. This might take 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 years - but it's worth it. 

Let's focus on exercise and nutrition.

Nutrition is one of the hardest things to be consistent with. We have so much choice when it comes to food and, counterintuitively, this can lead to an inability to make the right choice. If we haven't been realistic or organised, we can quickly derail all of our plans for balanced food choices. Consistency helps.

If you stick with your food prep or planned food choices for a period of time you will realise that it becomes easier at some point and then it will become second nature. Without it, you will eventually find yourself ordering in or going out 7 times a week and choosing the burger and chips every time (of course, there's nothing wrong with a burger and chips per se, just not every night!).

Starting with a consistent exercise program often helps other things fall into place too. It can give everything a bit of structure.

I've seen it so many times: clients who come in to train with me several times a week on the same days at the same time are more likely to stick with it. They also find it easier to get up earlier in the mornings and stick to balanced food choices. 

As soon as you stop being consistent, it becomes "easier" to postponed your workout, you get out of your rhythm and it becomes harder to get back to it and then other things start to derail as life gets in the way.

Consistency is the foundation of good habits. The longer you persevere, the more likely you are to keep going. 

This is a big reason why I am not a huge fan of all those "12 Week Transformations". It can lead to short term results but doesn't have long term effects. Unnaturally restricting yourself will often lead to reversing that behaviour once the time period is over and you'll end up right where you started.

When it comes to your body, it takes a good 6-12 months of consistent work to achieve a change that will stay. 

This is why being realistic, organised and consistent are such important concepts when it comes to your overall health. 

Consistency follows on naturally from realistic and organised. Work on your schedule to create regular space for exercise that is realistic, make it non-negotiable so you don’t have to make the decision whether or not to go. Persevere. Keep it up. After a period of time it will become your new normal and will no longer be “hard”.

Remember that the changes don't have to be drastic. Start by getting off the bus earlier every day and making your lunch one day a week and go from there. Be consistent. You'll notice the difference.

Grace xx


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