Revisited: 10 Top Tips to help you have your fun and stay on track this festive season

Fun + A Little Prep = A less guilt-ridden January

Things go Pete Thong for most people around this time of year with office parties, holiday events, family gatherings and that festive spirit. But there's no need to let it all go and try to pick up the pieces in January.

I know I’m going to be a little crazy... what’s the point in thinking about it, I’ll just reset in the new year.

It doesn't have to be like that! 

You can have the fun and still keep your body and mind semi-functional.

Check out my tips for staying on track in the festive season while still enjoying yourself. 

Be more right pup than left pup in post-festive January

Top Ten Festive Survival Tips

1. Drink Up!

I mean, drink lots of water! Up your water intake as you up your adult bevies


2. Move as much as possible

This doesn’t mean you need to do the hardest possible sessions in the gym, especially when you’re a bit hung. Keep those steps up, take the longer way home or to work, even if you feel like death.

Just keep moving. Your recovery will be much better for it. Even if you’re not going to the gym, keep moving.


3. Make a recovery food plan

Try to avoid binging when you’re hungover, which is easier said than done. The best trick is to make yourself a little plan.

Have some yummy food handy for the next day or decide the day before what you will have for lunch the next day. Think nutrient dense. It can still be delicious. Have a green juice. Plan to have a nice breakfast or lunch somewhere - eggs and avo and other deliciousness.

Your system will thank you!


4. Sleep!

As much as you can. You will have late nights. That’s a given. Try to prioritise sleep on the off nights.


5. Indulge with (v)edge

Have the delish food at the family gatherings but also heap on those green vegies to try to pack in the nutrients.


6. Plan your food day around the big night ahead

 If you know you have a big night or big meal in the evening, keep the foods light and nutritious during the day and really hit the water.


7. Choose your drinks wisely

More on this later!


8. Get outdoors!

Enjoy the crisp weather in the countryside. Take walks. Breathe deeply. 


9. Keep electrolytes handy

Make that water intake work for you. Get and stay hydrated faster and more efficiently, especially after  a big night.

If you don't have any electrolytes nearby, drop a pinch of sea salt into your water bottle.


10. Use this time for reflection

Think about your year. Be at peace with it. Meditate. Make some time for yourself.


And lastly, very important:

Enjoy it! Don't be too hard on yourself. 2017 has been a hard year…

You’ve earned some celebrations.

Bring on 2018!

Grace xx