Revisited: Exercising While Travelling

In the Ibiza sunshine with the life Project Adventures

As we start to think about our summer holidays (or winter, if you're a bit further south), I thought it would be fun to revisit some thoughts on exercising while travelling.

For those who know me well, you know I'm always off somewhere for a little adventure...

I'm very lucky that some of my trips are exercise focused, such as trips to play TAG Rugby in Ireland or my recent trip with Life Project Adventures on their fantastic week of sun, training, learning and excellent food in Ibiza.

Not everyone has the luxury of travelling for fun or for sport and I am very grateful that I can. If you've never considered a fitness or health retreat in the past, check it out! You may surprise yourself.

For busy people who never have any down time - stick to the right hand column below while you're travelling. You brain and your body will thank you.

For those travelling for work which disrupts your training schedule - I'm here for you. It's tough to keep a routine when you're always on the road. The right column has some little hints for you.

For everyone else, dip and in out of both columns and don't forget to absorb as much as you can from your surroundings.


Exercising While Travelling

Originally published April 20th, 2017

A top frequently asked question from my clients is how to keep exercising while you travel. Now, I can give a list of ways to exercise while you're travelling (see below) but I also want to add a little context around it.

If you're travelling for work all the time and it seriously gets in the way of regular training - go for it. Schedule some exercise or activity as a priority into your itinerary. On the other hand, if you're an active person in your normal day to day (like me), then think about giving your body (as well as your mind) a break while you're on holidays.

Holidays are great to let go of the stresses of day to day life and relax. That includes giving yourself a mental break from yourself. That feeling of guilt for not hitting the hotel gym every day isn't helping.

I've compiled a bunch of things you can do while you're travelling (for work or pleasure). Take your pick from both Exercise for the Body and the Mind,  and Recovery for the Body and the Mind as a reminder that these things are important too and not something to feel guilty about!



Mind & Body

  • Go for a run, light jog or walk around town to get your bearings and get to know your surroundings
  • Do a bike or walking tour for some movement, fresh air and to learn something new
  • Find a lovely spot outdoors and do some sun salutations or some simple stretches
  • No gym, no problem. Get outdoors or just do it in your room - body weight exercises, hill sprints, ab circuits. Save a list of exercises or do the 7 Minute workout to make it easy to opt in
  • Try something new - a local sport or activity
  • Hit the museums (this counts for both sides!)
  • Choose someone active to go on holidays with


Mind & Body

  • Spa treatment
  • Massage
  • Hit the museums (this counts for both sides!)
  • Find a spot for optimal people watching, order a local drink and soak it all up
  • Try a local delicacy
  • Find a beautiful spot to meditate or just sit still for a bit
  • Read that book you haven't had time to read
  • Have a proper conversation with your travel buddy
  • Put your phone/laptop/tablet away
  • Sleep and take naps
  • Meet new people and get to know them, ask them about what life is like for them, what is important to them

In my travels I like to go to as many new places as possible and, funnily enough, they often end up being places with water of some kind. Oceans, lakes, rivers or even water in frozen form in the snow. As a result I find myself trying out lots of different water related activities wherever I am. Stand up Paddle boarding in Indonesia or Greece, sailing, snowboarding and lots more. Just recently on my trip to Slovenia I ended up rowing on Lake Bled - another first. Absolutely gorgeous.


Grace xx