Looking back to look forward: Resolutions and Goals

Goodbye 2017, hello 2018

It's that time of year, folks! Everyone's talking about resolutions, whether they are setting them, already breaking them or making fun of people who set them. 

While I don't really set resolutions as such, I do like to set goals (this should come as a surprise to no one). In fact, I like to set goals a few times throughout the year.

The beginning of the new year is a great time to set new goals or reset yourself. It's that mental time stamp, that milestone that signifies a new beginning. Do a big, deep think and reevaluate what you are working towards.

Sometimes a reset is just what you need to face a challenge with renewed vigour.

I like to spend the week before the new year comes evaluating my goals. I often go away and use that time to think about where I want to go in the next few months - be it health and fitness, life in general, business, emotional health goals, or sports. And while everyone is in that vibe, it's a nice time to share them.

One of the hardest things, of course, is sticking to them. More on that next week (when you might be ready for that extra push!).

I like to think about my goals in terms of the different areas of my life. I decide on my goals and then put them into my affirmations and try to read them every day to keep them front and centre in my mind, in the morning to start my day off right. I say "try" because this is something I don't always manage to do... 

Goals and affirmations kind of merge for me. The affirmations help me focus on the goals and vice versa. 


My goals in 2017 looked a little bit like this:

Goal: Get into Great Britain squad for TAG rugby and compete against Australia and Ireland
Result: Ticked it

Health, Fitness & Strength
Goal: Improve overall strength and focus on mobility and stability
Focus on my weak areas like left knee and whole left side which doesn’t fire as well as it should
Result: I’m definitely stronger and have improved my weaknesses

Goal: Travel to new places I have never been and travel each month
Result: Ticked it - and how! Went to Austria in the snow in January, February to Grenada, March in Lisbon, April in Slovenia and Grenada, May to Mallorca, June in New York, July in Ireland (twice!), August in Provence, September in Ireland, October to Ibiza and Ireland, November no travel but lots of fun excursions, December in Singapore and the Philipines! Yep, it was a pretty good year for travel.

Goal: To be more consistent and cook more. 
Result: This one was very up and down. It’s taken me til October to find a rhythm and a plan which was realistic and allowed me to stay organised.

Goal: Knuckle down on my marketing and platforms. 
Result: Started Strong Words and have grown it. In January I couldn’t even say the word "blog" as it made me so uncomfortable! Now Strong Words is a great outlet for me. I kept educating myself and pushed myself into new and unfamiliar territories and I am moving forward with future goals. 

Goal: To work on my coping strategies for my mental health. 
Result: This is an ongoing goal. It will always be a work in progress. 


How did you go with your goals for 2017? And what is on the cards for you in 2018? I'd love to hear all about it. Hit me up in the comments or on the social feeds. 

Cheers to the adventures to come!

Grace xx