Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

On the hottest day of the year!

Photoshoot time! Boy, was it HOT.

I headed over to BaseFit with photographer Christy White and my lovely friend Asha Hibbert (my very first Strong Friend!) to take some photos and videos as part of my marketing strategy.

Christy was great: he understood exactly what I was after, had plenty of good ideas and was totally committed - crouching on the floor or in awkward spots to get the shot.

Asha kept me energised in the heat and ensured that I didn't feel too much like a circus animal!

Photoshoots aren't normally my favourite thing to do although, I don't mind so much if I get to do some exercise. I'm starting to get used to posing and all that, although it is still quite strange! 

This is a part of my job now. It's important to have great content for the website and the marketing in general, especially when you're in health and fitness.

I have a strategy that I am working on to build my business and this means being in front of the camera and putting myself out there. I'm feeling more confident about this part of my job now, which seems like a big step for me.

Keep an eye out for new pics very soon!

A super scorchio day to be exercising out the sun but we got it done! Thank you Christy and Asha for making it fun.


Grace xx