My Current Training Regimen

Gotta be in it to win it

Contrary to popular belief, I do not train while my clients are training. That's when I'm working and I am only concentrating on them. So, yes, I need to have my own training schedule and set my own goals.

I'm very lucky that I get to work with a great trainer, Strong Friend Andy Pilides, who writes my gym and one of my running programs. Each program runs for around 3 to 4 weeks before I switch over to a new one.

Post GB Training Selfie!

Post GB Training Selfie!

It's very important to me that I always have a sports-related goal for my training to keep me motivated. Right now I am working towards making the Great Britain squad for the TAG Rugby World Cup in Australia later this year.

While I have been in the squad and played internationally for team GB previously, I have not made the World Cup squad before. It's a huge motivator for me and a major goal. I've been training for this since 2015! As of writing, I'm in the initial world cup squad of 30 but this will go down to 20 in July...

To make this happen, I have identified the areas that I need to work on.


Areas of focus

  • As strength is the foundation for everything, it is always a part of my training and, in this case, it is essential to be strong to prevent injury.

  • I need to have great cardiovascular fitness

  • I am also working on my power so that my takeoff speed improves while sprinting

  • On top of my physical foundations, I work on my rugby skill.



To achieve improvements in these areas, my workout regimen on a weekly basis looks like this:

3 indoor gym sessions per week

  • Weights based strength session

  • Weights based hypertrophy session

  • Weights based endurance session


3 Outdoor sessions per week

  • Running endurance and speed session

  • Training with the GB squad, which involves fitness and skills, 2-4 hours on Sundays

  • Two TAG rugby matches per week

And I'll throw in one yoga class each week and I try to always have one day off from training.


While I don't actually train while my clients are training, I'm very lucky that my job entails a lot of movement and standing up rather than sitting down.

And there are all the tournaments with team GB! This weekend we played the State of Origin, North v South, which consisted of 3 matches.

Do I get sore?
Yes.  Not every time, but I do. Often post-competition I'll be quite sore (my hamstrings are done right now!) and at the beginning of a phase of training when I start new exercises.

Making sure I get all the macros into my system, especially after gruelling training or competition - Grace

Making sure I get all the macros into my system, especially after gruelling training or competition - Grace

How do I recover?
I try to eat well after exercise or competition, making sure I get all the macros. I take magnesium, drinks lots of water and (try) to get plenty of sleep. I sometimes also wear my compression tights in bed... When I am sore, I make sure I keep moving, even if it is just walking around.

Yes, sometimes I need to really talk myself into training and it can be hard to get motivated. That's when I look to my goals and suck it up. That doesn't work for everyone, but it does for me. Without a sports goal in mind, it's very easy for me to let the training slide.

Most importantly, when I am sore or overtired, I de-load or give myself a rest. It's all about listening to your body.

What does your regimen look like?