Hustle: The business behind the training

It's all fun and games until you have to do accounting

I often come across people who want to get into the industry and I absolutely encourage people to consider it. In fact, I encourage anybody to get out there and build a business - any business.

As many of you know, starting a business isn't a trivial matter and there is much more to my business than getting to spend time with my fantastic clients.

It’s not just about how good a trainer you are. You need to be able to do all the stuff that goes with building and growing your business from scratch - your overall attitude is important. Think beyond your specific job to the business as a whole and be constantly striving to be better and grow. 

Let's go over some frequently asked questions.


How did you get your clients?

When I first started out (at Gymbox) I worked the gym floor super hard - engaging with members, offering free PT sessions and building relationships with those around me.

You never know where referrals might come from so make sure you are connecting with everyone. You might find an ally at the front desk or the resident physio. It's all about building relationships.

Get your offering right. You need to make sure that your "product" is good. If you are putting in the work, constantly learning, providing a valuable service that people appreciate and genuinely care about the individuals you work with - helping them achieve their goals - then that is the key. 

This is pretty applicable to any type of business you might be thinking about.


What else do you have to do apart from train clients?

Where do I start!

Directly related to clients are tasks such as program design, goal setting, nutrition advice - this all takes time!

I have said so many times on Strong Words that everyone is different and that is where personal training should stand out from all those faddy, cookie-cutter approaches.

You are taking all those many, many variables and thinking about an individual, what their goals are, where they are at, and creating plans that are specific to them.

Then you have tasks such as managing your schedule which is crucial since every minute of your time needs to be maximised to make sure you are able to provide the best possible service to the most number of people.

On top of that, all the administrative tasks such as accounting and invoicing and, of course, marketing...


What about marketing?

My marketing and business goals are one and the same. It’s about having a strategy.

I work with a business coach to help me lay out my plan that works towards my business goals. I have big goals and there are lots of steps involved, lots of new things to learn.

Growth is planned for and needs to be done in a considered way. It's about more than just promoting your business and definitely more than just a few posts on Instagram! 

You need to create a strategy to represent your business to the public and put it into effect, not just posting on Snapchat because that's what the kids are using these days. 

I to make sure that everything that I do has a reason and is working towards my goals - just like my clients in the gym. All of the work I do with marketing is part of that plan. 

The marketing and business operations tasks are very involved processes and I have systems in place to help things run smoothly. In fact, I am in the processing of bringing in a bunch of new systems to help me get some more time back. Watch this space, I'll be doing a bunch of testing with the help of some of my super tech savvy clients!

It's important to lay foundations, to create structure and processes that make sure all your jobs get done effectively and efficiently. Always be refining your processes as you learn.

Think about what you're good at and where you need help. Build a team around you - experts other fields, mentors, advisors. You don't need to do everything by yourself and, in fact, you might be surprised at what you CAN do with just a little help.


Top Take Aways for building, running and growing your business:

  • Always be learning: staying on top of the latest knowledge in your industry and business practices
  • Keep building and cultivating new relationships
  • Set your own goals
  • Make plans to reach those goals
  • Check everything you're doing against your plan and your goals
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities
  • Listen to those around you
  • Stay human



Check out the Strong Friends interviews for plenty of stories from people who have built businesses in the health and fitness industry. Now get out there and build your business!

Grace xx