How to set and stick to your resolutions

Stick it, don't kick it

Ok, let's talk about why people struggle to keep their resolutions and how you can set goals that you actually stick. 


Why people fail

Number 1: They aren't realistic. This comes in several forms:

They make too many resolutions! Rather than changing one or two things, they try to change ten things and after a few weeks of being extreme, they burn out. 

And on that note - they are too extreme!
Extremely harsh diets or trying to go to the gym every day (or both) can often end in blow outs and burn outs. Deprivation doesn't work.

Number 2: They don't get organised and don't stay consistent.
It seems easy to be organised when life is quiet in January but when the normal rhythm returns, you can quickly get derailed. A couple of weeks of being “good” isn't’ long enough to instil a real habit or to create lasting, sustainable changes. 

Number 3: They don't understand the how and the why of the goals they are setting. 
It's all well and good to decide to do a marathon but if you have never run before and you don't know anything about running, there is some more work to be done first.

So you're setting goals and resolutions. But how can you stick to them? Is it all a waste of time?

Why not try to use this time as an opportunity to reset. Don’t use it as a stick to beat yourself up with.


Sticking to your goals

Everyone has the motivation to start the year right, but most find they quickly become derailed. The key here is to remember the R.O.C.K Principles:

Be realistic with yourself and make sure your goals are achievable. There is no point making a goal that sets you up for failure. Stretch goals are great but they have to be feasible. Your ability to achieve your goals starts and ends with being realistic. Don't underestimate it!

Don't over do it. This goes for anything but especially fitness and sports. Build up intensity over time - once you have mastered a certain level, move up. Getting injured right away will be the fasted path to unmet goals.

If you want to start running, start with just a couple of moderate jogs per week at first. Book in a couple of races or events across the year to give you something to work towards and ratchet up the distances. 

Get organised. Make time for whatever you need to do to get to your goals, whether that is scheduling workout time in your diary or setting a reminder to do your food shop when you're not going to be hungry, make time and stick it in the calendar. Unscheduled things are the easiest to avoid!

Think about how you can reorganise your days to make that time. 

Keep in mind that January doesn’t always look like Feb, it’s often not as busy.

Be consistent. I can't stress this enough. Anything you do consistently will have a better chance of becoming a habit or creating sustainable positive change and actually making a difference. If you are working on your strength, consistency will get you there; if you are training for an event, consistency will be the factor that gets you there and reduces your risk of injury.

Top up your knowledge. The more you know, the better you are able to prepare yourself. Learn about your body, learn about your emotional state, learn about your gut, learn about those around you, learn about the world.

Get help. Find a buddy to keep yourself accountable or get a personal trainer or coach to keep yourself on track.

Write down your goals, make them specific and measurable.


Let me know how you go with your goal setting and how you are applying the ROCK Principles to help you achieve them - hit me up on the social platforms or in the comments below.

Go get 'em!

Grace xx