How to choose the "least worst" alcoholic drinks

Minimise the calorific in the terrific

Alright people, the holiday season has begun in earnest. 

It's very likely that there will be alcoholic drinks consumed, we're not pretending to be saints.

Time to party!

So, if we must drink, is there a way to minimise the calories we are pouring down our throats?

Sort of.

Alcoholic drinks are "empty" calories that add to your intake without giving you much in the way of nutritional value, so the best option is to choose your drinks wisely and be mindful of the volume.


My favourite least worst drinks:


1. Bubbles! My favourite. I jump on any chance to enjoy a glass of Champange or Prosecco... possibly more than one... Your average glass is about 80-100 calories

2. Vodka soda with fresh lime is an easy go-to on the longer evenings on the tiles - about 100 calories

3. Dry Martini - because it's party time and I tend to drink them more slowly (Note: all martini consumption comes with a warning! Respect the martini)


Other options to consider when leaning across the bar:

Choose savoury cocktails rather than sweet or ask the lovely bartender nicely if they could hold or reduce the added sugar.

Stick to white or clear spirits like tequila or vodka. Lap them up with a squeeze of lime and soda or sip them neat. Seriously though, do try to sip!

Steer clear of tonic which has tons of sugar.

Don't be fooled by "diet" mixers, they are just full of crap that is just as bad as the sugar they are replacing.

Choose wine over beer if they are your two choices in the open bar.

Check out this great article with drinks that dietitians love from

And of course:

Keep up the water intake!

Quality over quantity!


Don't forget to check out my article on tips to get your through the season.

Enjoy yourselves and look after each other.

Grace xx