How do I fit in effective training when I work 60+ hours a week?

How to train with a 60 hour work week on Strong Words by Grace Brown Fitness London. Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

To put it simply, it will take a concerted effort to achieve. But it is possible. And more than that, it is necessary.

Make it a non-negotiable

Firstly, you have to make it a priority and allocate time for you to train. It’s the first thing that people tend to get rid of when it gets busy. Understand and decide that you can’t continue to do this work without your health so taking time to train is just as important as the other meetings you have.

Try reframing “training” from it being a you-thing to being a work thing and DECIDE that it’s essential.

To be blunt, if you don’t exercise regularly in some shape or form, your brain function won’t be as sharp as it should be because you won’t be sleeping well, you’ll get sick and won’t be able to work, and you’ll have a much harder time of it as you age, being more susceptible to falls and breaks, heart disease, alzheimer’s and dementia - just to name a few of the serious possible consequences.


Work out how your motivation works. If you need accountability - get it. If you work best when you have committed money to it, buy a block of training.

And for everyone, make a performance goal (beating a PB, training for race etc) to work towards rather than just saying “I need to train x times per week” or “I want to lose Xkg”.

Have a plan for when you get to the gym

The worst thing is to get to the gym and then realise you don’t know what you need to do there. Help yourself make that time effective by working with a trainer, having a program created for you or join a running club. This has so many benefits from efficacy to accountability.


If classes are your thing, as you know, I’m not a huge fan of fad classes but if that is your thing, go for smaller class sizes, try to ensure your schedule allows for different types of training and not just back to back spin.

It’s not about wrecking yourself

It’s not about being the sweatiest, most exhausted all the time to get efficacy from your training. You need to have a balance and sometimes going to a restorative yoga class is the best thing for you that day.

Once you have re-framed what training means to you it’s all about creating a new normal in your life that includes regular training. Focus on making it easy on yourself by being realistic on what you can achieve, get help where you can and stick to it.

Let me know how you go!