Fun and Fitness in the Iberian Sun


This year, my birthday present to myself was a pretty fantastic fitness retreat in Ibiza with my friends Felicity Cole and Gus Martin from The Life Project Adventures.

Rather than being focused on extreme measures and restrictive diets, this retreat was really about the whole picture of your health and wellbeing.

Each day was either yang - high intensity, dynamic and pretty full on, or yin - calmer, working in rather than out, meditative, recovery.

We enjoyed plenty of great activities like paddle boarding, kayaking and hiking and the workouts were varied and interesting ranging from military style training to yoga.

And the food! It was incredible. Every meal was a delight in colour, texture and flavours. It was all locally sourced and made with passion by their brilliant chef....This is why I need a personal chef.

We covered some great discussion topics such as forming good habits (a favourite of mine), setting goals, gut health and lots more. We even did a personality test which is always fascinating. Guess what? I'm a Questioner. 


This trip came at a really good time for me. I needed a break from London and the Rat Race. I was desperate for some sunshine to top up that Vitamin D and, even though I get a lot of exercise it was a chance for me to learn more about different movement types and different coaching styles.

I got valuable deeper great insight into pilates, animal flow and gymnastics which helped me learn more ways to achieve different muscle activations.

Another major reason was to manage my depression. I had promised myself I would take breaks to give myself the opportunity to focus, to meditate, to work on me. It's like a reset. Getting out of your normal environment and having some time for reflection.

It was such a treat to go on a great holiday and not feel like I needed to take another to recover straight away. I got lots of rest, reset my brain and got re-energised. It's so lovely to soak up the vibes and the great food while not being super boozey.

I really appreciated the discussion around goal setting. It served as a great reminder to re-apply my ROCK Principles to myself. Even simple things like getting more green vegies into my regular eating. I made a new plan to get organised to realistically achieve it.

Do yourself a favour and get a trip in the diary that helps you get back to vitality! Preferably with sunshine too. The Life Project has more trips coming up and I will be adding new retreats to my program soon too!

Grace xx

The gorgeous pics are care of The Life Project and the talented Denis Plesca  - even including some drone action!