Fit People Question: What keeps you motivated?

I put one of my favourite questions to some of my favourite advocates of health and well being.

Life isn't always a straight line to your goals. Many people experience bumps in the road along the way, whether they be financial, family issues, mental health, job related, injuries or a million other things.

Identifying the things that help you keep your goals in mind or to at least remember the reasons why you are doing what you're doing when the bumps happen can be a huge help.

Check out their answers below! What's your secret to staying motivated?

Grace xx


What keeps you motivated?


Jess Tapin, Team GB Heptathlete, Personal Trainer & Model

My love for the sport. I have a goal and I'm not going to quit till I have fulfilled it. "Dream it, believe it, achieve it!"

My attitude is, there is no point doing something half-hearted, in my eyes it's all or nothing. I have devoted my life to athletics and I don't plan on giving up anytime soon! Sport is my passion, it's my life! Whatever the target, I'll do everything to get there!

My journey hasn't been an easy one, I wish I could say it was. So keeping motivated has been so very, very hard at times! With one thing or another, whether injuries, coaches, money (very few athletes are funded), there are sooo many ups and downs in athletics. But I do it purely for the 'ups', because when you do succeed it's the best feeling in the world. You realise this is it, this is why I have sacrificed so many things.

I 100% believe that I am going to achieve my goals, all I have to do now is go out there and make it happen. 💖  There is no secret to success, it is a long road. But with that drive, motivation, passion, ambition and a lot of hard work, anything is possible!

Instagram: @jtappin


Sean Phillips, Ex Pro Rugby, Personal Trainer, Coach

I've always been a big lover of sports and playing sport has been a massive part of my life. Being fortunate enough to have been a professional rugby player for a number of years, I suppose it's sort of second nature to be moving and training hard.

Being a PT we are our biggest selling point so to practice what you preach is as simply as I can put it!! My main motivation for training though would definitely be related to my mental health. This is something that has affected quite a lot especially around my time as a rugby player so training is my way of switching off and clearing the mind!!

And lastly we all have a mini narcissist inside us so vanity always has a part to play!!!

Instragam: @sp_strength


Kib Cheung, Personal Trainer

Something I put into practice everyday and advocate to all my clients is to see the bigger picture of good health and wellbeing. Clients are more inclined to eat well by having these long term goals to improve health and prevent illness rather than having a restrictive diet simply for weight loss purposes. To choose to eat foods that benefit your health and reduce those that might harm it.  

Similarly motivation for training is also making sure that you are doing it because you love it and not because you think you need it.

Having a positive healthy mindset is crucial for making these lifestyle adaptions.  A goal set by a negative thought such as "I need to do this because I'm overweight" can be less motivating (as well as increase anxiety) than "I want to do this because it makes me feel good".

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Susan Simpson, Grace Brown Fitness Client & General Superwoman

As the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas wrote....

Do not go gentle into that good night/ Old age should burn and rave at close of day/ Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

1. I want to be as fit and healthy as I can be so I can set a good example for my children and also age as gracefully as I can.

2.  I am challenged and encouraged by my amazing trainer at every session. Critically,  she changes up my exercise program so I am challenged and not bored.


Gabriela Hayward, Entrepreneur, Yoga instructor, mum

A playful healthy & active lifestyle. It's important to live and transmit this to my little ones. I guess they keep me motivated!

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Felicity Cole, Athlete and Personal Trainer

What keeps me motivated in training and a healthy lifestyle is simply I enjoy what I do and I love feeling good!  I believe when you find something you love it never feels a chore.  I think there's something (sport/exercise) out there for everyone.  In terms of a PT perspective I also want to be an inspiration and positive example for my clients in being the best I can be to inspire them to chase THEIR best selves.

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