Exercise Spotlight: Lateral Crab Walks

Resistance bands with Grace Brown Fitness London | Image by Christy White Photography

Let’s talk Band Walks.

First of all, what are Resistance Bands?

They are bands that are used to create resistance to get muscle recruitment and activation ready for exercise or sport. You’ll see wide and narrow ones, small or large circular loops, straight bands and others with handles, each with a different level of resistance.

They are a great accessory for activation work and for prepping the body for sport or exercise.

We’re using the short circular loop bands today, commonly used above the knee, above the ankles or around the middle of your feet.

One of my favourite exercises with a band is the Lateral Crab Walk, also known as the Lateral Band Walk.

It is not a “booty exercise” that just builds muscle, it’s more a prep exercise that can get your glutes fired up.

Many people find it hard to properly activate their glutes and a movement like this helps get that brain/muscle connection going.

If you’re one of those people that finds single leg movements easy, it’s quite possible you’re not activating your glutes and letting other muscles do the work instead. Give this one a try and see if you can isolate the glutes and get them working.

I like to use it particularly when I’m getting ready to sprint or for back squats.

The Lateral Crab Walk

How to:

As you can see, to set yourself up for this exercise, grab a resistance band and place is just above your ankles.

Make sure you create tension on the band, your feet should be just outside hip width apart. If you can’t get tension in the band, choose a band with more resistance (a thicker one) or wrap a thin band around twice to achieve the correct stance.

Bend the knees slightly, keep them soft.

Keep your feet parallel and straight. Keep tension on the band as you step laterally or sideways.

Nice and slowly!

This will help start activating glutes, quads and adductors.

Reps and Sets:

10-15 reps one way then the other way. Have a rest then repeat 2-3 times.

Please enjoy the glorious bird sounds from the video that I just had to keep!