Cooking at home with recipe boxes

One of my 2018 goals was to prepare and cook more food at home. 

This is all well and good, but the reality of it isn't so simple. I realised that trying to get all the ingredients for healthy meals AND work out what I was going to cook was bloody hard. Not being super creative in the kitchen, I ended up just cooking the same 3 things. It was uninspiring, and I felt I wasn’t getting enough variety in my diet that I was craving. 

I needed to find a way that caused me less stress, not more. I needed to work out how to cook at home but be realistic about my abilities, time and expectations. So I thought I would try some other options. 

I tried one that was a delivery of 3 prepared meals a day, 5 days per week, I just had to microwave them. This did not work for me. It felt expensive as I wasn’t eating them all, it was unreliable, and I would have preferred to make my own breakfast. I ended up topping up meals with other proteins as tofu isn’t my favourite. It wasn’t for me. Next!

Since part of the goal was actually to COOK, the next option was a recipe box.

I heard about Mindful Chef through one of the Well To Do Global events. The guys from Mindful Chef presented at the event and I liked their philosophy on well-sourced organic foods and sustainability, coupled with balanced meals.

So I tried it. And… it’s great! I’m actually cooking, and the food is delicious.

Now, I’m an average cook at best. I hate the prep part ( the deciding what to cook, going to the shops and the prepping ingredients parts).

Mindful Chef works for me as I get sent the recipes and everything I need to make the meals. Only getting the actual amount of each ingredient I need means there is no guesswork or wastage - I don’t end up throwing out the rest of a bunch of parsley that I only needed a little bit of to make one dish.

The instructions are easy to follow, and all of the equipment required is already in your kitchen.

The meals are listed as mostly around 30 mins to prepare and cook…. It might take me a little longer, but not by that much. Clean up, if you wash as you go, is always manageable.

My preferences are set to all proteins, and not vegan. It selects two recipes for me, and if I want to change them, there are 16 recipes to choose from each week. 

The recipes are varied, my plate is always colourful, looks delicious and tastes great. It makes me quite proud of myself to sit down to each of these meals. 

My tactic is to buy 2 meals per week for two people (you can also choose single portions!), and I use the second portion for my lunch the next day. That’s at least 4 home cooked meals per week. This is realistic for me as my schedule doesn’t really allow for more, I have something on most evenings.

If you’re like me and all the preparatory stuff that goes with home cooking makes you anxious, why not try out a recipe box and see how it goes. Mindful Chef is the one that works best for me at the moment. If it’s the cooking that freaks you out, try a prepared meals version.

It’s all about finding the most realistic way to achieve your goals in a way that makes it easy for you to be consistent, where it's easy to stay organised. 

Get out there and find the option that works for you.

****Keep an eye out for my interview with Myles and Giles, the founders of Mindful Chef!