Chin Ups Master Class at StrongHer Ultimate Weekend

Chins Ups for Everyone

I had the very distinct pleasure recently of teaching a Chin Ups master class at the StrongHer Ultimate Weekend.

Who is StrongHer?

Lynne and Sam are all about creating a space where all women can come and train, learn and have fun. They have a realistic approach to training and they're completely authentic. They're out there helping women discover their strength potential.

I'll let them tell you in their words:

"A passion project & forward thinking fitness concept by women only Personal Trainers Lyanne Hodson (Li-FT in the City) & Sam Prynn (SPPT)...focusing their combined energy and enthusiasm to help WOMEN of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and cultures to discover their true potential, self worth, confidence and strength in safe, supportive and fun environment."

The weekend consisted of 9 workshops a day and I held the first workshop on Saturday on how to build up to your first chin up.

The class was full of awesome ladies who were excited to learn.

Chins are the ultimate upper body strength movement and it was so cool to see so many women wanting to learn.

Teaching women to achieve a chin up is one of the most satisfying things for me as a coach.

There was a big range of experience in the room - from never done any weight training all the way to advanced weight training journey.

Thank you to everyone who joined in and to all of the fantastic helpers on the day!

Have you always dreamed of doing chin ups? Or maybe you don’t think you can? Watch this space. I have some exciting things on the horizon just for you!