Celebrating the Good: Trekstock supports young adults with cancer

Trekstock's Conquer the Tower

Let's take a moment and talk about people and organisations doing Good out there and making a real difference.

First up, Sophie, Founder and CEO of Trekstock. Sophie and the Trekstock team work tirelessly to provide support and resources to young adults dealing with cancer.

I'll let Sophie tell you herself:

Grace and Sophie at the top of the tower in Conquer the Tower

Grace and Sophie at the top of the tower in Conquer the Tower

"We know that cancer comes with a complicated set of physical and emotional challenges that can put your life on hold. It’s lonely and isolating and we recognise the impact it can have not just at the treatment stage, but through life after cancer. That’s why we’re here.

When cancer hits you in the prime of your life, we are there to help you take back control over your physical and psychological well-being, create meaningful connections with others and make positive lasting changes to aid recovery and rebuild your life after cancer. "


With a focus on physical movement, this organisation really speaks to me. It's no secret that physical movement is a critical factor in general health, but it can be particularly helpful for those working through cancer.

I first came across Trekstock a women's Tri TAG Rugby charity competition where Trekstock was a beneficiary.

Trekstock contacted me afterwards and invited me to chat with them about the charity in more detail. I learned about the fantastic initiatives they run such as workshops on nutrition, yoga sessions and lots more, to help young adults with cancer and their families, equipping them with vital information and providing support when they need it most.

Trekstock recently held one of their most significant fundraising events, and I was lucky enough to be involved. It's called Conquer The Tower, and it's no joke.

Participants compete for the fastest time to run up 35 floors ... that is 877 stairs ...  of the Broadgate Tower near Liverpool Street.

If you're imagining a border cross, knock everyone over to get to the top scenario, that's not quite how it goes.

Groups are let off in spurts of 10 at a time, and I was responsible for leading each group through a warm-up. You do not want to be diving into this thing with cold muscles!

Amazingly, the elite group got to the top in 4 to 6 minutes. WOW.

There is a whole technique to it - you use the railings to pull yourself up as you propel forwards, two stairs at a time (or more if you can). That means your upper body is also working and you are maximising the momentum. It's nothing like plodding up the stairs at the underground station.

For the warm-up, we did some great active mobility movements, very similar to what my clients experience before their sessions.

A huge congratulations are in order for all of the competitors and especially  Sophie and the entire Trekstock team for all they do, every day.

You can help too. Head over to Trekstock website to donate and to learn more or head over to their instagram and facebook