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Sprints Training For the Win: Using Running and Strength Training to improve take-off speed for Rugby

Using well-rounded training to get results! It’s not just about one thing. Resistance training, running, playing sports and yoga help me achieve results and keep improving. AND I don’t get bored! Variety is the spice of life after-all.

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My Simply You Magazine Feature: Beginners Guide to Weight Training with Dumbbells at any age

Check out my spread in Simply You Magazine where I demonstrated a simple dumbbell program that anyone can do - even if you have never touched a weight before! It is so important to make resistance training part of your life, especially as you get older.

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Osteoporosis: An introduction and exercise programmes for sufferers

It doesn't matter what age you are right now or what gender, this article is for you! It's never too early to get your body ready for aging but it's also never too late to mitigate the effects. In today's article I go over what osteoporosis is and include 3 different weight bearing exercise programs for beginners if you are already suffering from the symptoms.

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