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My Simply You Magazine Feature: Beginners Guide to Weight Training with Dumbbells at any age

Check out my spread in Simply You Magazine where I demonstrated a simple dumbbell program that anyone can do - even if you have never touched a weight before! It is so important to make resistance training part of your life, especially as you get older.

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Revisited Demo: Hip Openers

Hey you! Not just for desk-sitters. If you’re a runner or play sport with lots of running, this is for you too. Actually, it’s for everyone really… All the tendons and muscles around the hips are the driving force for being able to walk, run or even stand up. They are often overlooked as the cause for other problems. Here are my fave hip opener exercises.

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Hamstring Injuries: Rehabbing Tendinopathy

Injuries suck. And sometimes the getting better part can feel slow. But if you neglect the process now, you may find yourself with worse injuries down the line. I’m currently working through hamstring tendinopathy and it’s a slow process requiring a lot of patience that I don’t have. But if I want to play in the TAG Rugby World Cup I have to do it right!

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