Resistance Training At Any Age

Why it's so important to lift

When you turn 30, your body is starting to atrophy. Sounds pretty yuck, right? Sometimes the truth hurts.

“Why do we need the gym now? We never used to.”

The reality is, we’ve never been this sedentary.

In general life, in the modern world, we don’t have the same physical life that humans used to. We don't hunt or run from predators anymore and machines have replaced almost everything that requires physical exertion - lifts, escalators, even washing clothes used to be more labor-intensive. We don’t even carry the shopping anymore - we get it delivered!

Every 10 years you lose 3-5% of your muscle mass, this is known as Sarcopenia. The relevance of weight training or some form of resistance training becomes more and more important as you age.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start! You’ll notice the difference quite quickly and hopefully, it will inspire you to persevere.

It’s not about being massive, it’s about function. Muscle strength is important. For your balance, being able to do normal daily tasks like walking up stairs and standing up straight. It’s crucial for your bone health and even cognitive function and state of mind can be improved.

There’s more! Lifting weights is anti-aging! That’s right. It tightens up the skin when you build muscle and makes you look and feel younger and firmer.

What do the clients say? 

Check out the Client Stories page to hear it straight from them!

For all of my clients 35 and over, even after a short period of weight training, they feel better and stronger, less puffed walking up stairs.

After starting to lift weights, 90% of my female clients report that it also makes them feel more confident, empowered and gives them a sense of achievement. They stand up taller and feel better, inside and out.

My client, Susan, is approaching 60 and does a full weights program. When compared to her peers of similar age, she seems and looks far younger and has so much more energy. She is truly a powerhouse!

Another superwoman, Helen, can now do 5 sets of 5 chin ups. WOW. She is so much stronger, not at all bulky and moves so fluidly.

My clients Dean and Paddy thought they were strong before. After changing their regime to include a full weights program, they’re 10x stronger.

Weight training can be fun but it's important to stay safe. If you're just starting out, working with a trainer is essential to make sure you are using correct form so that you don't hurt yourself.

It doesn't matter if you are a total beginner or a very fit person who only does cardio, just give it a go (with a professional to help you get started) and see how quickly you notice the results - both in your physical wellbeing and mentally. And of, course, let me know how you go! I want to hear and share your stories.

Grace xx

Note: Lifting weights like a normal person does not make you look like Arnold. He is Mr Universe, after all.


Here are some great articles and studies to read up on:

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