Tip of the Week: When you have no time to train

"I don't have time": Exercise

Our most common complaint about life is that we don't have enough time. Remember R.O.C.K? It's all about being realistic.

Exercise. The first thing that gets left by the wayside when life throws you a googly. I don't need to tell you why exercise is important (do I?). So let's work with what we've got! 

Here are some ways you can re-incorporate a bit of movement into your day without taking too much time out when it all goes nuts.

Walking! So underestimated. Make it part of your daily routine. Small change, big impact. Then, when it gets hectic, you still some movement and a chance to clear your head.

  • Get off your bus/train a few stops earlier
  • Take phone calls standing, pace about - use your headphones, it will free you up even more
  • Walk up and down the stairs rather than the lift, escalators

Three minutes can make a difference! It has been proven that 1-3 minutes of high intensity exercise can have a huge impact on your physical health. That means just a couple of minutes going as hard as you can.

Get up three minutes earlier and, right next to your bed, do as many burpees as you can, sprint on the spot, body weight squats, push ups, for just three minutes.

There are lots of things you don't need weights or equipment for. Give it a go!

Try something new. If jogging isn't your thing (I know lots of people who would rather cut off a finger than go for a jog), work out with a friend, try a class, give HIIT a whirl, go for a swim, ride a bike, grab a skipping rope while you watch TV.

If you loathe it, you won't do it. There will be something out there that is fun for you AND involves physical movement. It's just a matter of finding it.

Time...You don’t have it…. Let’s look at your diary. Perhaps there is an opportunity to look at fitting more movement into your day and prioritizing your health.

A little less TV, an active lunch break here and there, getting up a little earlier to take a class. If you take a really good look, maybe you can find some slots for movement. Try out a few different scenarios and see how you go. Maybe some "you" time in the mornings is just what you needed to set you up for the day.

Also… is it really time? Or is it motivation. It's so easy to fall into the "busy" trap. We rationalise that we are too busy to do XYZ all the time to avoid doing things.

Have a think about times when you have felt motivated and try to identify what made you feel that way. You may be able to help yourself get motivated to move more by knowing how your motivation is triggered.

I'll be talking more about motivation soon. If you have any thoughts or questions about motivation in the meantime - let me know!



Grace xx