Pregnancy: Let's hear it for the mums

Let's be frank...

Mums are bombarded with so much utter crap about pregnancy and so much judgment is passed around. It's hard to wade through it all to get to the real stuff.

With so many clients and friends having babies, I wanted to speak to them about their experience and what is important to them. It was really interesting to hear the same thoughts and worries coming up again and again and yet how different the experiences can be between different people and with different pregnancies.

To combat some of the noise, in the coming weeks I will be doing a series on pregnancy in collaboration with some of my fantastic clients and also some very special and knowledgeable friends of mine in the field of medicine.

To help me shape these conversations, I would love to hear from you! We want to be talking about topics that matter to you. Let me know by shooting me an email at or in the comment section below.

To get you started: What are your burning questions or biggest worries and challenges? What topics are least discussed and most important? What are the best tips that were given to you that you would like to pass on? What was the biggest load of rubbish you heard while pregnant?

In the meantime, here are some thoughts from my clients and friends on training while pregnant with number 1. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to far. Enjoy!

Grace xx


On training while pregnant:

Why did you exercise while pregnant, what motivated you to keep going?

"Keeping motivated at times was a challenge! Also towards the end it became harder to do a broader range of exercise."

“Exercise is good for your health in general and you are so much more conscious of that when pregnant”

“You have to eat more when pregnant for energy but you never know quite how much you should be eating”

"Keeping as fit and strong as possible to prepare for labour"

“More than the physical side of things, so much of pregnancy and being a new mum is about relinquishing control & having the confidence to just go with it. Exercising during pregnancy was so important to me as a way of focusing my mind and growing in confidence in my abilities. Rather than panic about all the things I could no longer do, I drew great pride and strength in all the things I could.”

“Having fixed points in your diary for training sessions meant you had ways to mark your progress in the gym and the progress of your bump! No matter how good or bad the sessions were, just turning up and doing whatever you can for an hour gives a sense of achievement. I found this increasingly important as time went on." 

"As I started to struggle sleeping through the night, training didn't seem appealing but it was definitely worth doing!"

What were your biggest fears during pregnancy?

“Too much conflicting advice about what you can/can’t/should/shouldn’t do”

“When to stop exercising”

"That something was going to go wrong with the baby, in terms of development and health, which is why I tried to eat healthily (but still with a few treats...) and keep up the training"

“I was worried about the impact weight training might have postpartum on my abdominal muscles. So much strength training requires a good core. Doming can cause undue pressure on already weakened muscles. We were very careful about which exercises I did during pregnancy and the months following it. 5 months on and my abdominal muscles are on their way back!” 

“Very conscious of stomach muscles separating”

What did you like about exercising during pregnancy?

“Was “you” time and not all about baby”

"I liked keeping the routine of training and sense of normality. I liked feeling that I was helping my body to prepare for its toughest challenge of all in giving birth and that I was doing something positive to help my baby."

“So long as you have a normal pregnancy and your doctor is comfortable with your level of activity, I would say exercising during pregnancy is at least as valuable as ante-natal classes. It prepares both your body and your mind.”

“When people tell you don’t look pregnant from behind.”


By letting me know what topics are important to you in terms of pregnancy and post-pregnancy, we can make this series as frank and relevant as possible. Thank you!