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Philosophy of Strength


A holistic path to fitness

The ROCK principles make up the foundations of our approach to personal training.

Realistic + Organised + Consistent + Knowledgable

At Grace Brown Fitness, we will create a programme based on your needs that is realistic. We will help you organise your time with your health in mind, helping you to be consistent. 

Join us and learn about the affects of everyday life on your health and use that knowledge to go from stressed and tired to peak performance in the gym, in the boardroom and at home.  

Even if you have never lifted a weight before - this is a safe place. Today is the day to start on your journey to building a lean, strong body and a positive state of mind. 

Weights ARE for everyone


How we work

When we start working with you, we like to look at the whole picture of your lifestyle so that we can best address where we can help. This includes not just your physical fitness but also lifestyle stressors from work, family, nutrition, sleep and more.

This holistic approach helps us work out a way we can introduce a few lifestyle changes, fitting naturally into your days, and thereby becoming the "new normal" for your life.

Through these gentle lifestyle adjustments, our clients have consistently been able to achieve their goals of a lean and healthy body. They have felt more energised and less stressed, less likely to get sick or injured and have better mobility to get out and do more in their life and career.

Mobility, Stability & Balance


Get happy & get strong

We build our programs around strength training which provides a multitude of variations with load, volume and intensity, unlike other types of training and exercise. We will coach you on every movement, building up your repertoire at a pace that suits you.

Direct benefits of strength and weight training:


  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Reduces risk of Cardio Vascular disease

  • Builds bone mass

  • Reduces PMS symptoms

  • Reduces stress & anxiety

  • Reduces risks of diabetes

Strength increases power, endurance and improves ability to complete everyday tasks

Muscle Tone shapes firmer and better muscle definition - get lean and toned with effective fat loss

Flexibility increases when working through the full range of movement which also helps with prevention of injuries

Metabolism Boosts to reduce body fat and create your ideal body composition

Posture is improved. Stronger muscles help keep your neck, spine and body in a better position, at a desk or at play

State of Mind is improved, which helps with stress management, confidence and peak performance