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Client Stories


People just like you

Our clients are people just like you. We work with everyone and anyone who wants to make a change for the better. Even if you have never lifted a weight in your life - this is a safe place.

Our clients come to us because they want to get back on track with their health and body. Sometimes they feel overwhelmed by the task. They want to feel better, lose weight and feel more in control.

We work at your pace and take the time to teach you each and every movement so that you feel comfortable. You will be amazed at what you are capable of!

From those who have never trained in a gym before, to those who are experienced and looking for that extra edge - please enjoy these stories from our fabulous clients.

We ♡ our clients



"A calmer, more positive outlook on life"

Founder & Managing Director of hospitality group

Having turned 50 last year I was aware of feeling terribly sluggish working quite long hours and not exercising enough. I thought if I feel like this at 50 what will I feel like at 60 or 70 so it was time to make some changes.

I was recommended to Grace through Annabel. The holistic view that Grace takes is excellent she has guided me towards making more time for myself, planning my nutrition more and thinking about building my strength.

The results for me have been impressive, with me having a calmer, more positive outlook on life and being less critical of myself – to be honest I say to friends and family when they say I am transformed – I feel more positive and happy as a result of the programme I have been doing with Grace, the fitness and improvements in my appearance are by-products.

I would thoroughly recommend working with Grace as she takes a very holistic view of an individual and is relentless in her pursuit to make you lead a balanced and enjoyable life.



"I can take anything in my stride"

TV Presenter & Mother

My friends and family know Grace as my Saving Grace. Grace has been a god-send to me during pregnancy.

On a practical basis it's kept me fit, strong and healthy. But the biggest benefit to training with Grace is a shift in mindset. I understand and listen to my body much better. I feel mentally stronger and like I can take anything in my stride.

I always look forward to my sessions with her. We have a laugh and leave feeling better than I did when I came in. I couldn't recommend her more highly.



Inspired to make a career change

Former Financier, now a qualified PT & Nutrition Coach

I began training with Grace at the start of 2014 when I left my role in Finance. I always thought of myself as a someone who trained quite hard and knew what I was doing. 

Through Grace I was shown what it was to train really properly, with her fierce dedication, thorough knowledge and passion for progress. I achieved and developed and trained really, really hard, all under her expert watchful eye. 

So much so that I was inspired to embark on my own, new career in the industry, which led me to woking my way through a BSc in Nutrition and to become a qualified PT and S&C Coach, even getting to work with the England 7s Rugby team! All the while, having Grace's regular, expert and honest guidance along the way. This even led to Grace and I becoming training partners where we were able to help each other achieve great results and reach numerous goals and personal bests! A true legend!



Chin ups achieved at 50+!

What I love about Grace is that she is so positive.  She gives you the confidence that you can achieve your goals.  

After crossing that 50 year threshold, I had lost focus and my waist.  Hiding behind the fallacy of “hormones”, I just thought this was what middle age looked like -  an inflated version of my former self.  After taking a year’s break from the gym, I found my weight at an all time high. I just wasn’t happy about how I felt.  This was not how I wanted to live my life.

Having known Grace at another gym, I decided that it was time for a restart. With Grace’s holistic program of nutrition, mindfulness and exercise, I started to see results fairly quickly.  My waist reappeared. I got stronger and fitter. And miracle of miracles, this year, I achieved what I thought next to impossible for a woman closer to 60 than 50 – chin ups! Grace is a powerful example of her program. She inspires me.



An experienced athlete - now stronger than ever

Grace and I became friends whilst playing in the Great Britain tag team. She possesses every quality you’d want in a fantastic coach, bright, motivational, passionate, disciplined, and hungry to achieve excellence in everything that she does.

She has played a central role in improving my strength and fitness over the last few years, motivating me to achieve heightened levels of both strength and agility that I simply could not have achieved on my own during regular workouts. She always puts 110% into each and every client that she meets, which makes each program individualised to a client’s specific goals and objectives.

Over the past year I have reached a new level of strength that in my 30’s I would not have previously dreamed of achieving, through hard work together, I have gone from managing 1 chin up to 5 reps, 5 sets and a stronger leaner body that I wanted through my 20’s.

Grace as a coach I cannot recommend enough, it will change your life in the best possible way!



"More confidence & energy"

Former PT & Mother of Two

Grace is a very motivational and experienced trainer who I have been training with since the beginning of the year. Even though I am a former personal trainer, I wanted an extra boost both physically and mentally after 2 pregnancies and 2 c-sections.  I also have an ongoing back issue and needed some new ideas in order to re-invigorate my love of training.

12 months on, I have learnt a huge amount from Grace. My body has slowly transformed, my strength is returning, I have more confidence and more energy. Grace is always very positive, friendly and professional but most importantly for me, she is empathetic and understands the emotional impact of childbirth and young children which has had a profound impact on my life.

Thanks Grace for everything you have done, you are a fantastic trainer.



Motivated & committed

I have found Grace's approach to personal training refreshing and adaptable to my work commitments. Grace's unique approach and in depth knowledge covering training, nutrition and motivation is unique.

The fact that I have remained motivated for nearly a year is testimony to Grace's ability to instill confidence and enthusiasm into my fitness regime to ensure I can see results on a regular basis



"Increase in muscle, stronger & fitter than ever"

I have been training with Grace for 16 months. My goal was to increase strength, lose body fat and enhance my body shape and Grace has helped me succeed in all three aspects. I have had an obvious increase in body muscle and am stronger and fitter than I have ever been, despite approaching 40.

Grace is an extremely knowledgeable Personal Trainer who is continually altering my workout program and refining my nutritional intake. She attends courses and seminars on a regular basis and converts this new knowledge into ever more efficient training regimes.

I'd recommend Grace if you are looking for a PT who can push you beyond your perceived limits but still maintains a mechanical sympathy for your body. A trainer who can help you achieve your goals in a well defined, structured manner while maintaining a relaxed, fun training environment.



"Stronger... without being bulky"

I took up training with Grace two years ago at 50 and even with only one session a week, I have now got a much stronger core – including for the first time in my life some tummy muscles!

The strength training has helped get rid of my backache/pain and through this training I have developed much stronger arm and leg muscles without being bulky. The training we have done definitely is fending off the aging process!

Plus Grace is very good fun and a delight to train with.



"Not into fitness... now able to perform chin-ups

I started out taking a class instructed by Grace at my local gym and she was always so friendly, insisting on learning everyone's name, she was also helpful and professional so I jumped at the chance to engage her as my personal trainer!

Having never really been into sport or fitness I am consistently amazed at what Grace has done to transform my fitness, strength and body shape. I am now able to perform chin-ups and other exercises I never thought I was capable of, mixing it with the men in the weights room.

I always look forward to my PT session with Grace and even followed her when she changed gyms. I consider Grace as a friend and would recommend her as a PT to anyone.