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Meet your Coach


Who is Grace?


A qualified personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach, with a BSc Hons in Sport and Exercise Science, who has spent her life on the sports field. Grace has trained with everyone from stressed out mums and badass lawyers to elite athletes, all over the world.  

Her experience as an athlete - she has represented England for Tag Rugby, Table Tennis and on the running track - has fueled her interest in human movement and health.

Having spent over ten years perfecting her craft as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, Grace is able to utilise a range of techniques to help her clients achieve their goals including nutrition, mobility, lifestyle and strength & conditioning training.


I enjoy helping people reach their health & fitness goals, especially when they don’t think they can. I love encouraging women to lift weights and get strong as they feel empowered. Seeing clients reach their fat loss, health, strength and energy goals brings so much satisfaction, and in seeing how much you can influence someone to improve their quality of life.

Your goals at your pace


How did Grace get here?

Born and raised in Essex, just outside London, Grace has travelled the world in pursuit of knowledge in her field.

Her career in the fitness industry began in Australia, with the National Australian Institute of Personal Trainers where she gained experience working alongside leading industry figures.

Grace has worked with Strength and Conditioning Coaches at the Australian Women’s Rugby 7s Team, Surfing Australia High Performance Centre and a number of professional rugby league teams such as the Cronulla Sharks & Sydney Roosters.

Back in London, Grace has focused her knowledge and efforts towards personal training and coaching, bringing the process previously only available to elite athletes to you. Our lives are busy, non-stop and highly stressful. Grace wants to help you achieve your goals in the gym to give you the energy to achieve more in life.

To find out more about the foundations of Grace's approach, head over to the Philosophy section.

In addition to working with clients, Grace writes about her experience as a trainer, as a traveller and as a human trying to navigate this crazy world.

Head over to the Strong Words blog for all that plus interviews with interesting people from the world of health & fitness, athletes, entrepreneurs, doctors and lots more.


Realistic + Organised + Consistent + Knowledgable


Learn & Grow

Health science is constantly expanding and it is essential to keep learning. Grace participates in courses, attends conferences and works with elite athletes all over the world to ensure that her clients are always benefitting from the latest advances.


Sport & Exercise Science, BSc Hons at the University of Essex, UK

AIPT - Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer Cert 3 & Cert 4, Australia


Keegan Smith - Strength Essentials Course, Sydney, Australia

Winning Health Solutions - 1 Day Cure, Southampton, UK

Charles Poliquin - Biosignature - Bath, UK

ASCA - Level 1 - Sydney, Australia

ASCA Level 2 - Brisbane, Australia

Irish Strength Institute - Hypertrophy, Dublin, Ireland

ASCA Conference - Melbourne, Australia

ISI Symposium - Eoin Lacey, Dr Eric Serrano, Andre Benoit, Dublin, Ireland

YPSI - PT Applications - WHS, Southampton, UK

ISI Symposium - Eoin Lacey, Dr Eric Serrano, John Meadows, Dublin, Ireland

John Connor - Training & Nutrition for the Combat Athlete, London, UK

Lotus Seed Life - Associate Practitioner Program